Michael G. Klein



Ph.D., Healthcare Operations Management, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (defended Nov 2016, to be issued in Feb)
MBA, Operations Management / International Business, DePaul University, Chicago, USA
B.Com, Management Information Systems (MIS), University of Ottawa, Canada

Current Status

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and a Ph.D. Candidate in Healthcare Operations Management at McGill University. I am a job market candidate, currently available for interviews and campus visits.

In my Ph.D. research, I considered the operations management challenges for Specialist Care in Rural Areas for both acute and chronic care processes. After establishing collaborations with Internal Medicine Specialists (Internists) at two rural hospitals in Nova Scotia, Canada, I studied the workflow decisions of all Internists on call in both hospitals. Specialist workload includes the challenge of managing the inflow of potential inpatients through Emergency Department (ED) consultations, taking care of inpatients after admission to hospital wards, and managing the outflow of inpatients through inpatient discharges. This interdepartmental process is challenging in any setting, but the rural case is more complex for Internists who manage ICU care on top of Internal Medicine care responsibilities. I proposed a stochastic dynamic programming framework for Specialist Care. In another study, I developed a mathematical model for the Dialysis Facility Network Design Problem (DFNDP), where long travel times impact patient welfare, particularly for those who live in rural areas. The proposed DFNDP model can help identify the best network of dialysis facilities with consideration for budget and capacity management constraints as well as patient preferences for facility or home dialysis. Using multiple data sources including a dialysis patient survey, I demonstrated the application of the model in a case study of the DFNDP for the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

My research also includes studies on Emergency Care, including the development of ED patient flow simulation models using spreadsheets and a comprehensive review of the ED operations management literature. For my postdoctoral research, I am currently studying urban healthcare problems including ED crowding in Singapore.

I received an Excellence in Teaching Award after teaching the core undergraduate course in Operations Management for 73 students at McGill. I also have approximately 10 years of industry experience improving processes and systems in Financial Services, Government, Higher Education, and Telecommunications organizations.


Klein MG, Reinhardt G. (2012). Emergency Department Patient Flow Simulations using Spreadsheets. Simulation in Healthcare. 7(1):40-47.

Working Papers

Klein MG, Verter V, Fraser HF, Moses BG. Specialist Care in Rural Hospitals: From Emergency Department Consultation to Inpatient Ward Discharge. Target: Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

Klein MG, Verter V, Moses BG. Dialysis Facility Network Design. Target: Journal of Operations Management

Verter V, Klein MG. Operations Research for Emergency Care: A Review. Invited for publication in Production and Operations Management